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 Zuma 2: Zuma's Revenge!2009

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ForuMyth | Yönetici

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MesajKonu: Zuma 2: Zuma's Revenge!2009   Cuma 22 Ocak 2010, 23:39

Zuma 2: Zuma's Revenge!2009

In Zuma's Revenge!, the familiar frog sails across the title screen on
a make-shift raft, and eventually washes up on the Polynesian island of
Zhaka Mu. The lush new tropical setting offers up six stages including
a jungle, an undersea grotto, and even an active volcano, which serve
as backdrops for more than 60 new levels.

Introduces new power-ups, including Laser Frog - literally, a laser
that shoots from the frog's eyes and can destroy up to four balls with
pinpoint precision; Lightning Color Nuke - a power-up that destroys all
balls of a certain color on-screen; and the Tri-Shot power-up, which
sends three powerful cannonballs barrelling through anything in their

What else is new? Well, there are levels where instead of rotating the
frog in the middle of the screen, it slides along the bottom like
Breakout or Arkanoid and shoots directly up. Some levels also have more
than one strategically-placed lilypad, so players can make the frog hop
from one side of the screen to the other to come at the line from
different angles.

Oh... and did we mention boss battles? That's right. The frog isn't
exactly given a warm reception by the island's natives when he arrives
on Zhaka Mu, and if he wants to continue his adventure he'll have to
defeat the six evil tiki spirits that preside over each region.


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Zuma 2: Zuma's Revenge!2009
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