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 Robot Arena

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ForuMyth | Yönetici
ForuMyth | Yönetici

<b>Üyelik tarihi</b> Üyelik tarihi : 11/01/10
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MesajKonu: Robot Arena   Cuma 22 Ocak 2010, 23:11

Robot Arena: Design & Destroy is a PC game of robotic construction
and combat. It is a sequel to the original Robot Arena. It's a
simulation/arcade game based on robotic combat like you see on
television. People make robots out of scrap metal and other junk and
then try to destroy other people's robots.

Robot Arena, the original game, was a good beginning. It got you hooked
into the dream of building your own bot and shredding the competition.
But it left you drooling for more... more weapons, more accessories,
more ACTION! Robot Arena: Design & Destroy is your new sugar-daddy.

Powered by the Havok Hardcore physics engine, bots can now bounce,
flip, twirl, and do the cha-cha. Fragmentation of components will leave
hunks of metal lying across the arena floor. With new
Shrapnel-on-Demand technology, a piece of twisted steel can even pop
out of your floppy disk drive if you aren't careful. (Just kidding
about that. The cha-cha I mean.)

The arena is no longer just a flat box. We've got ramps, we've got
platforms, we've got hellraisers, sawblades, and other goodies. Heck,
the arena alone is fun--just wait til there are three other bots in
there. (Oh, did I mention four bots simultaneously?)

And the Bot Lab. Oh, sweet mother of Bot Labs. We know you want more
flexibility. So now you can sit at the engineering table and map out
your ultimate fighting machine. You'll still have some pre-made toys to
play with, but the smartest of you (yes, I mean YOU) will be able to
create just about anything you want using basic components--motors,
pistons, framework, etc. Your math teacher will hesitate to ever hand
you a piece of graph paper again, because you won't be able to resist
laying down plans for that next bot-killer.

Multiplayer will be using GameSpy for finding games online without
knowing IP addresses, IPX protocols, or IKPC Detonation Codecs (Ok, I
made that last one up, anyway.)

As for miscellaneous other, we have some new graphics technology for
lightmaps, environment mapping, realtime deformable meshes, and so on
and so forth.


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Robot Arena
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